Monday, 24 October 2011

Now more than ever we need your help!

Sorry I have been away for a while. I have spent most of the time campaigning for the hedgehogs and putting together the resolution. Unfortunately the resolution was not passed at the NFWI selection meeting which I am really disappointed about. Especially when asked for feedback they said it was excellent, well researched and written and something that national and local could get behind. A bit of a kick but I am sure the ladies that made the decisions have put forward some Very important issues.
So where are we? Well I have set up an online petition which now has 800 signatures which is absolutely fantastic. The link can be found here so please sign and pass on. Bill Oddie has also recently re tweeted this which is fab to have such a well known supporter!
I have also been asked to speak at some WI's on the Island next year about hedgehogs which I am looking forward to do as it all helps pass the messages on.
Regrading on our visitors to the garden. We lost 2, 1 is currently being nursed after a abscess and amputation and we have re-homed another with 3 legs and back issues. This one will never be realised - she is called Hermione and is currently nesting. She spends 12 hours each night carrying lots of leaves, straw etc into her deluxe house! Will keep you posted on her progress. Oh and PLEASE bear our spiky friends in mind if having a bonfire this year.
Until next time

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  1. Sorry to hear your resolution didn't make it through. Hedgehogs, or shayshos as I call them, are a favourite of mine.