Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Getting to grips with the 'way it works'.

One of the most challenging things in setting up a WI is getting to grips with all the formalities. One of our strengths and equally our weaknesses was that none of us had ever been a WI member before. We were therefore not going to be influenced about 'how it should be' but this also had a negative affect as none of us really knew what we should be doing. We obviously had an advisor to help us with the big things but its the little things that matter and when we never RSVP'd to another WI's invitation we had no idea this was upsetting or even insulting them. We soon knew about it after a few months when one of our ladies happened to meet another WI member and it was mentioned that it is / was rude not to reply. We now make sure we reply! The other challenge for us is almost all Cowes WI members work and therefore it is very difficult for us to attend the many activities put on by the federation and even other WI's. I worked out if I attended everything I would need 3 weeks off work - now as a wife this is just not practical as naturally I like to holiday with my husband. I became aware that this had come across to the federation that Cowes WI were 'not interested'. Now this is just not true - we want to support all the events we just hope and wish more would be in the evenings or weekends so we can attend more easily. This might be a frustration to others across the country and something my WI feel really strongly about and we have decided to keep mentioning this at meetings and to the federation and we hope for at some point in the future more things will be easy accessible for more of us.

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