Monday, 8 August 2011

Leave the WI to do what they do best!

About a month ago Northwood House in Cowes asked us if we would like to run a Cowes WI stall at their Summer Garden Fete they were organising. Of course we would we replied as it is great awareness for Cowes WI and potentially a lovely little fundraiser for us too.
We had the usual suspects offering to help by baking / providing items for the stall and offering their time to help on the day. I'm not sure how we get every member to join in and if other WI's have the same issues. It is frustrating at times especially when people say they will help but never come up with the goods (literally).

The fete was taking place on the first Sunday of Cowes Week and the forecast was good. We asked if we could do teas as well but were told 'no' as the house were offering teas and if we could stick to usual WI things that would be great! Isn't the WI associated with tea? We had cakes, jams, chutneys, biscuits, craft etc and once set up our table looked fab.

After a few minutes of being there we were being asked (a number of times) if we were selling just a cup of tea! Surprisingly just teas were not available at the house only if you wanted a cream tea. Seeing another opportunity I asked the organisers if we could get our tea urn and serve tea and coffee without upsetting people. So off we rushed to get the equipment and by the end of the day we sold well over 60 cups! Important lesson learnt for all - leave the WI to do what they do best.

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